APS Solar Panels

As one of the premiere manufacturers of solar panels in India, APS produces dependable products that are in high demand for utilities, residential, commercial, industrial, etc. by system integrators, electrical engineers, construction traders, and distributors. Our products offer exceptional performance and are backed by careful and relentless research and development so that our customers know they’re always getting the most up to date products possible. APS solar panels are ’Made In India’, giving assurance to the end user that they’re supporting their local economy.

The identification of the most suitable product is the most important process when taking the right decision in the early stages of project management, especially in huge projects that need an accurate feasibility analysis. It is important to identify your project specifications accordingly and choose the suitable solar panel that will satisfy your needs with an economic efficiency. It is always a bonus to select a good brand.

Polycrystalline PV Modules

Polycrystalline or Multi-crystalline are a newer technology, and has a different manufacturing process. Polycrystalline start as a silicon crystal ‘seed’ placed in a vat of molten silicon.

Mono Crystalline PV Modules

Mono series solar panels are the most well-known solar panels, offering a distinct appearance of rounded cells over the surface of the panel.

Benefits of APS panels

APS offers two different types of crystalline solar modules: Mono and Poly, whichever module is right for the client’s situation. APS backs the panels with a 30-year warranty during which the modules will work at 80.6% output for that time duration. For the first twelve years, APS assures an impressive 91.2% output.

Certified Premium Solar Manufacturer

Solar Panel

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