Mission, Vision & Strategy


As champions in promoting solar energy, APS intends to become a global force in pushing the use of sustainable energy across sectors through our customized, affordable, & practical solutions. We intend to create value for present & future generations through our contributions to the renewable energy sector. 



APS aims to resolve the existing global power crisis through dedicated solar power projects. We plan to expand the use of solar energy for domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors through our ready-to-install products and extensive innovation plans. “Making People’s Lives Better” – That’s our core objective. 



At APS, we rely on our proven strategy to achieve specific business goals and align our expertise with the needs of the clients. Our teams work in a structured manner, with a dedicated branch for R&D. With the motto that says “Customers First,” we work on delivering solutions that are in demand and would help ease the existing electricity generation concerns. Aided by our dedicated teams, we intend to learn and educate the world about solar power and offer our customers the best possible after-sales service in the Indian and global renewable market. Our shared values allow us to create solar products that are not merely meant to benefit our end users but also the environment.

  1. Structure: We believe in following a practical and easy to work structure that requires involvement of everyone working with us to reach a coordinated decision.
  2. System: Our system resembles and gives an idea of the style we work with. Our style is to simply put our “customer first”. We strive to maintain strong relationships with our customers over the lifespan of solar, making their solar journey hassle free. Our customers appreciate and recommend us for our exceptional after sales services.
  3. Staff: Our dedicated team is always on toes to learn new things and we believe in adding people to the team based on their learning mindset.
  4. Skill: Learning new skills is vital for today and tomorrow and thus we focus on brushing up our staff’s skills through critical thinking, creativity and communication.
  5. Shared Value: Our shared values aim at reducing environmental and social problems and making people’s lives better.

Global Expertise, Experience towards emerging as a Global Leader in Integrated Energy Company
Achievements over the years

November 2013

Registered in India

December 2013

Started setting up of 40MW module production line in Kathwada, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

March 2014

Started production in India

June 2015

150 MW supplied in Jiangyin, Jingu Province and PR China

April 2016

Opened a Brand Office in New Delhi

January 2016

Opened a Brand Office in Bangalore

August 2016

Received Salt-Mist and Ammonia corrosion IEC certification

January 2017

Successfully completed rooftop solar plant at Samudra Township Mundra (For Adani Port & Special Economic Zone Ltd.)

March 2017

Increased Ahmedabad production line capacity to 50 MW

July 2018

Acquired 16000 sq. mt. premises at Majra, Tajpur, Gujarat to set up a new production line.

August 2018

Started retail division for residential rooftop in Gujarat

November 2018

Started setting up new assembly line at Majra premises

May 2019

100 MW production line operational at Majra premises.

August 2019

Added a new product to our range – “APS solar water pump”

March 2021

Registered in “approved list of modules and manufacturers” published by government of India

August 2021

Expanded the production capacity to 200 MW at Majra unit

January 2022

Became Gujarat’s most trusted and preferred residential rooftop solar company

March 2022

Received environmental testing IEC Certification
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