Most Reliable & Preferred Solar Brand

APS now has become a preferred indigenous brand among the users expecting a balance between high-end performance coupled with cost effectiveness. We already rank among the top solar companies and are eager to introduce our upgraded Polycrystalline PV and Monocrystalline PV modules furthermore in the markets yet untapped by us.


  • High performance

    Modules designed to perform exceptionally well whilst the toughest situations and applications.

  • Module Efficiency

    Solar cell efficiency up to 22.5%, Module efficiency up to 18.0%

  • Reliability

    Proven efficiency and premium quality raw material along with advanced manufacturing process equipped to ensure higher reliability to end users.

  • High Output:

    One of the best in class conversion efficiency.

Indigenous Solar Panels

We APS, are Australian by Brand and Truly Indian at Heart have equipped state of the art modern and world-class technology that makes APS solar modules function efficiently and effectively under the most adverse circumstances and deliver the best results. With unflinching support for the “Make In India” campaign launched by the Government of India, APS is on the mission of making India a true solar leader through the development of indigenous solar products and solutions.

Warranty 30* Years

Efficiency 18-21.2%

Size 250-350W

Panel Type Poly

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In addition to experience & quality products, we have a solid track record of customer service. APS is welcoming the opportunity to contribute to be a part of the community with Franchisee partnership. Being a franchisee would make you represent the flagship brand of APS in your Region.

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