Inverter Warranty Policy

Manufacturer’s Warranty

CIN No. : U40300GJ2013PTCO75244
APS GTI Warranty Terms & Conditions

This policy governs the warranty program for APS On-grid inverters (called GTI hereinafter) by Australian Premium Solar (India) Pvt. Ltd. (APS India). Customers wishing to participate in the Replacement Program must abide by the procedures and requirements set forth in this policy. APS India may, in its sole discretion, reject the exchange of any inverter not returned in accordance with this policy.

Warranty Claims

The warranty period for inverters supplied is 96 months, wherein first 60 months will carry Replacement/Repair warranty, and the next 36 months will carry repair and/or part replacement warranty. Only those inverters registered for warranty through will be eligible for any warranty claim.


The warranty period commences from the date on which the inverter is commissioned by the installer or integrator. For non-registered products, the warranty will be effective after the date of invoice commencing, 6 month after the production date or starting from the day of the successful completion of the commissioning, whichever comes earlier. Replacement services will apply only to the inverters within their warranty period.

This warranty policy is NOT transferable and will apply only to new inverters installed by a suitably qualified professional. The warranty policy will be rendered invalid where inverters are sold second hand through unlicensed sales channels.

Please note: If you are a private end-user, please contact your installer in the first instance. APS India will work directly with the installer to replace a faulty inverter if deemed eligible under the terms of the Replacement Program. The warranty policy outlined here in this document represents a product replacement warranty, and does not cover the costs of installation and commissioning. If the original installation company has ceased trading, please contact a suitably qualified installer to arrange an on-site inspection.

Limited Liability

Subject to the conditions set out below APS India warrants that the goods will correspond substantially with their specification at the time of delivery and will be free from material defects.

2.1 In the event of damages related to the causes listed below, no warranty claims will be acknowledged or accepted. Claims that relate to defects that are caused by the following factors are not covered by APS India’s warranty obligations:

  1. Force majeure (storm damage, lightning strike, overvoltage, fire, thunderstorm, flooding etc.)
  2. Improper or noncompliant use.
  3. Improper installation, commissioning, start up or operation (contrary to the guidelines provided in the installation manual supplied with each product).
  4. Inadequate ventilation and circulation resulting in minimized cooling and natural air flow
  5. Installation in a corrosive environment
  6. Damage during transportation
  7. Unauthorized repair attempts
  8. Failure in adequately maintaining the equipment. An on-site inspection by a suitably qualified technician is required following sixty months of continuous use. Warranty claims made beyond 60 months from the date of commissioning may be declined if it cannot be demonstrated that the equipment has been maintained adequately.
  9. Failure in registering the warranty as required under this policy. Warranties must be registered no more than six weeks from the date of commissioning. Any attempt to register the warranty beyond the six-week registration period (without written consent from APS India) will invalidate any warranty claims. APS India may request to see documented evidence where they suspect that a warranty was registered more than six weeks following the commissioning date.
  10. In the event that the inverter display (a standard feature on certain APS GTIs) ceases to function, but where the inverter is otherwise operating normally, APS India may not issue a replacement product where the display/programming features available on the display can be viewed/set on external devices using software supplied by APS India.

This warranty does not extend to parts, materials or equipment not manufactured by APS India in respect of which the customer shall only be entitled to the benefit of any such warranty or guarantee as is given by the manufacturer to APS India.

APS India shall be under no liability under this warranty (or any other warranty condition or guarantee) if the total price for the goods has not been paid by the due date for payment.

Replacement Service

Any inverter qualifying for replacement within the warranty period will be replaced with a new or refurbished inverter, subject to the terms and conditions detailed within this document being adhered to. The following items must be made available to APS India for a replacement to be effected under this policy:

Inverter data including:

  1. Product model
  2. Product serial number
  3. Failure code
  4. Failure comment

Documentation including:

  1. Copy of original purchase invoice.
  2. Valid warranty certificate
  3. Detailed information about the entire systems (e.g. system schematic)
  4. Documentation of previous claims/exchanges (if applicable)

APS India reserves the right to refuse replacement requests where required information is not provided.

To request the replacement of an Inverter, you must contact the APS India Technical Support team.


Call: +91-76220-23255 or 1800-313-5052, Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (except on public holidays).

APS India Responsibility

Upon receipt of the required information listed in Section 3, and after attempts to correct the problem with the customer’s assistance, APS India will assign a unique case number to the customer. This number shall be used in reference for all communications regarding the replacement. APS India will dispatch a replacement inverter within 7 working days or as per the availability to the specified customer or installer location. Following the receipt of the replacement inverter, the customer must return the allegedly faulty Inverter in the same packaging material as the replacement inverter. APS India will supply all labels, documentation and freight details for the return of the allegedly faulty inverter. All allegedly faulty inverters must be returned within 7 (seven) working days of the receipt of the replacement inverter. A qualified installer must be available for the inverter exchange and re-commissioning. The replacement inverter will be covered by the original warranty terms of the allegedly faulty inverter for the remaining warranty period of the original (faulty) inverter.

Installer Responsibility

In the event of an equipment failure or fault, it is the responsibility of the installer to work directly with the APS India Technical Support team in order to limit the return of non-faulty equipment. The APS India Technical Support team will work with the installer to rectify the fault or fault message through telephonic support or with direct PC links.

Note: To qualify for further compensation and a replacement unit, the installer must first contact the APS India Technical Support team and fulfil the installer’s responsibilities under Section 3 of this document.

Inspection Charge for Inverters Not Found Defective

If an allegedly faulty Inverter is returned to APS India pursuant to this Policy, and is found by APS India to be free of defects that would qualify it for replacement under this policy, or due to limited liability as stated in clause 2, APS India reserve the right to apply a inspection charge for each Inverter including plus shipping and packaging costs.

Inverter Replacement Procedure

APS India must be provided with the relevant documentation as shown in Section 3. This procedure must be followed for a warranty claim to be applicable under this Replacement Program.

  1. The installer must contact the APS India Technical Support team and provide the required information as shown in Section As outlined in Section 5, the installer will liaise with APS India Technical Support team to try and find a solution without the need to replace the inverter.
  2. If the inverter is deemed faulty and is eligible for the replacement, APS India will raise and create a case number for the inverter and communicate the same with the ins
  3. APS India will dispatch a replacement inverter within 7 working days of the case number being created. The inverter will be shipped to the specified customer or installer location at APS India’s c
  4. The installer will install the replacement inverter and use the packaging to repack the faulty inv
  5. End-user/Installer will cover the costs of collection and shipment of the faulty inverter back to APS India as detailed in Section The customer or installer must assist with this shipping. If the faulty inverter is not returned within 7 working days of receiving the replacement inverter installation, APS India will invoice the relevant installer for the cost of the inverter.
Warranty Registration

All the Inverters are required to be registered for warranty as mentioned in Section 1 in order for them to be eligible for replacement program. It is a requirement that the end-user (or the installer on behalf of their customer) register the warranty at the relevant address as specified in Section 1 (as specified on the registration certificate), at which point a full warranty certificate is issued. Warranties must be registered no more than six weeks following the date of commissioning. The information required at the point of registration is as follows:

  1. Inverter model
  2. Inverter serial number
  3. Installation date
  4. Customer name
  5. Installation post code
  6. Full installation address
  7. Name of Installation Company
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