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At APS, all the solar products we offer come with one of the best in class warranty and are made with care from the highest quality materials and workmanship, from beginning to end. At APS we have a dedicated research and development team who are constantly working to discover better ways to manufacture and develop our product range so that our consumers get the worth of their money.

Contact our team now to learn more about our products and to understand what might suit the requirements of your project in the best possible way.

Solar PV Modules

A solar panel is the core of a solar PV system which transforms solar irradiance into the soul of modern technologies “ELECTRICITY”

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Grid Tied Inverter

APS Grid Tied Inverters are powerful inverters that convert direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. It is also called an ‘on-grid inverter’ as it is connected to the electricity grid.

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Solar Water Pump

Solar water pump is a very important innovation which makes water extraction easier and cost effective for irrigation and domestic use.

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