How to maximize the lifespan of the solar panel?

July 10, 2024

After learning about the numerous benefits of installing solar systems, many customers have begun incorporating them into their properties. The Indian solar industry has experienced significant growth, with millions of Indians now saving money through solar energy. However, our team frequently encounters a common question from customers: How can they maximize the efficiency of their solar panels? Customers often seek tips to optimize their solar energy generation, allowing them to not only increase their usage but also earn extra income. 

As reputable and experienced solar manufacturers in India, APS is delighted to provide you with tips to maximize the lifespan & efficiency of your solar panels 

Typically, APS solar panels come with a performance warranty of up to 30 years. However, this doesn’t mean they will stop generating power after that period. The power generation capacity may decrease over time, but you can maintain the health of your panels and extend their lifespan by following these simple steps: 

1. Purchase/Replace with High-Quality Solar Panels 

Choose panels that feature advanced solar technology and half-cut cells. Upgraded features like automatic cooling systems, high-quality half-cut cells, and multiple busbars help extend the life of the panels. APS Premium Panels, along with their inverters, are filled with innovative and futuristic setups. If you are looking to install new panels or replace old ones, APS is definitely the right fit. 

2. Regular Maintenance & Check-Ups 

To keep your panels in good condition, perform regular check-ups of your system. Monitor the meter, check the credited bill amount, and use a Wi-Fi monitoring facility on your phone. These steps will help you track the exact production of your panels. Since solar panels are technical products, handle them with care. Avoid placing heavy objects around the panels to prevent accidental damage, as external damage might not be covered under warranty. Also, clean your panels with water regularly to remove dust and dirt, which can obstruct sunlight absorption. 

3. Solar Panel Covers 

In extreme heat or windy conditions, panel cells can burn out, reducing production efficiency. To prevent this, secure your solar panels with specialized coated covers. These covers provide an extra layer of protection against environmental factors. 

If you are ready to switch to solar, choose Australian Premium Solar India Ltd. because we offer: 

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By following these tips and choosing APS, you can ensure that your solar panels perform optimally for many years. 

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