Reasons Why Now is the Prime Time to Go Solar in India

June 07, 2024

With rising energy demands and a growing focus on sustainability, solar power is emerging as the frontrunner in India’s energy mix. But what exactly makes now the perfect time to switch to solar for your Indian home? Let’s delve into the data and explore the compelling reasons to harness the sun’s power. 

India’s economic engine is roaring, and its energy consumption reflects this growth. As the world’s third-largest energy consumer, India faces a unique challenge: balancing this demand with long-term sustainability. The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that India relies heavily on fossil fuel imports, accounting for a staggering 34% of its energy needs. Imported energy translates to higher costs for consumers, impacting household budgets. 

The Interests of Government of India 

The Indian government is actively addressing these challenges by promoting a paradigm shift towards renewable energy sources. Initiatives like subsidies and the “Make in India” campaign are fostering a robust domestic renewable energy sector. 

Suryaghar Yojna:  

Prime Minister Modi’s game-changing “Suryaghar Yojna” offers substantial subsidies (up to ₹78,000) for installing rooftop solar systems. This financial incentive has significantly boosted solar adoption, making it a lucrative option for homeowners. 

Long-Term Gains, Short-Term Investment:  

While the initial installation cost might seem significant, it’s crucial to consider the long-term benefits. Studies show that rooftop solar systems can be recovered within 2-3 years through reduced electricity bills. 

Powering Your Future, Saving Your Money: 

Most solar systems including APS Solar Systems come with warranties (25-30 years), guaranteeing significant savings on electricity bills for decades to come. Imagine – nearly zero electricity bills for the next 25 years! With average yearly electricity expenses hovering around ₹15,000, a typical household could potentially save ₹3-4 lakhs over the system’s lifespan. This translates to substantial financial freedom and peace of mind. 

Boosting Your Property Value:  

Homes equipped with solar systems are increasingly favored by environmentally conscious buyers. This can significantly increase your property value in the real estate market. 

India’s commitment to solar power is evident in its rapidly growing installed capacity. According to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, India’s solar power capacity reached a promising 70.10 GW by mid-2023. This data reflects a collective shift towards a sustainable future, powered by the abundant sunshine gracing the Indian subcontinent. 

By noticing the significant increase in India’s clean energy consumption and the reduction in the cost of solar panel systems, we can say that now is the best time to go solar to gain benefits as early as possible. 

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