Double Your Solar Power Generation with APS India’s Bifacial Solar Panels!

Australian Premium Solar
May 02, 2024

Are you looking to install a solar system for your home or business and want to find the best option for generating the highest solar power? Your search ends here! Australian Premium Solar (APS India) is excited to introduce the Bifacial Half Cut panels with PERC Technology, designed to deliver maximum energy efficiency and longevity for your solar needs. 

What Are Bifacial Solar Panels? 

Bifacial solar panels are a type of solar panel that can capture sunlight from both the front and back sides. This unique design allows them to generate more energy compared to traditional solar panels, as they can harness sunlight from reflections off surrounding surfaces such as the ground or nearby buildings. 

How Do Bifacial Solar Panels Work? 

Bifacial solar panels utilize advanced technology that enables them to absorb sunlight on both sides of the panel. This dual-sided absorption allows them to take advantage of sunlight that is reflected off surfaces such as roofs, walls, and the ground. By capturing light from multiple angles, these panels can generate higher energy outputs, even in shaded or diffused light conditions. 

How Much More Energy Can Bifacial Solar Panels Generate? 

The amount of additional energy generated by bifacial panels depends on the installation setup and surrounding environment. However, on average, bifacial panels can generate up to 30% more energy than traditional solar panels, thanks to their ability to capture light from both sides. 

Advantages of APS Bifacial Solar Panels 

Australian Premium Solar (APS India) offers top-notch bifacial solar panels that provide numerous benefits: 

1. Premium Quality Solar Cells: Our panels are made with high-quality solar cells, with raw materials sourced from globally reputable companies. 

2. Higher Energy Yield with Positive Tolerance: APS panels provide higher energy yields with positive tolerance of up to 5%. 

3. Excellent Module Efficiency for Indian Climate: Our panels are designed to work efficiently in India’s diverse climate conditions, ensuring consistent energy production. 

4. Reduced BOS and Installation Costs: Our bifacial panels help reduce balance of system (BOS) and installation costs, making solar more affordable for you. 

5. Anti-Reflective Coated Glass: The panels come with anti-reflective coated glass that enhances power output and improves overall efficiency. 

6. Higher Reliability with Multi-Busbar Technology: Multi-busbar technology increases the reliability and performance of the panels, providing more stability and durability. 

7. Pre and Post EL Checking: Our panels undergo rigorous pre and post electroluminescence (EL) checks to ensure defect-free modules. 

Warranty and Certifications 

APS panels are approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and the Approved List of Models and Manufacturers (ALMM). We offer comprehensive warranties to give you peace of mind: 

-12 Years Product Warranty*: Enjoy up to 91.2% power output for the first 12 years. 

– 30 Years Performance Warranty*: Experience up to 80.7% power output for up to 30 years. 

Australian Premium Solar (India)’s Bifacial Solar Panels are a smart choice for those looking to maximize solar power generation while enjoying long-term durability and efficiency. Whether you’re looking to save on energy costs or reduce your carbon footprint, our panels provide the perfect solution for your energy needs. Contact us today on 1800 313 5052 or to learn more about how Australian Premium Solar India can help you harness the power of the sun with our innovative bifacial solar panels! 

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