How Solar Systems Lower Your Electricity Bills If You Are Residing in India

Solar System & Electricity Bills
April 24, 2024

As the entire world focuses on renewable energy and the need to protect Mother Earth by going green, the Indian Government is playing a crucial role in promoting this idea by providing higher subsidies for installing solar panels on residential homes. We are well aware that shifting to solar power saves a significant amount on our electricity bills, almost reducing it to zero, depending on our usage. In this article, we will discuss how much you can save on your electricity bill by using APS High-tech Solar Systems, specially designed for India’s unpredictable weather.

Australian Premium Solar (APS) is an Indian solar manufacturer that designs and sells advanced technical solar systems, helping customers maximize their savings on electricity bills. Let’s understand this with an example:

For example, the daily average electricity usage of your household is 7 units per day, making the monthly average electricity consumption 210 units. Assuming the electricity charges in your area are approx. 7 rupees per unit, your monthly electricity bill will be 210 x 7 = 1470 rupees. In India, in majority of regions, we receive the electricity bill every two months, so your electricity bill will be around 1470 x 2 = 2940 rupees.

From this, we can understand that your electricity bill will be around 3000 rupees every two months. Now, if you shift to solar and install an APS 3.24 kW solar system (the size of the system depends on your electricity usage), you will be able to generate more electricity than your usage, making your electricity bill near to zero.* ( Click Here to know the rates )

Additionally, after the implementation of the state-guaranteed feed-in tariff for grid-connected energy generation from photovoltaic and solar thermal sources in India, citizens have the leverage to sell the extra generated electricity to the grid and earn money from the government. (This depends on the DISCOM)

APS Experts have served more than 11,000 customers all over India, and with its high-tech solar panels, customers are already generating more electricity than usual. If you are also planning to invest in solar, give us a call, and we will guide you to the perfect solar system and subsidy for your household.
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