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Solar Inverters APS India
April 13, 2024

Solar inverters serve as the vital core of solar panel systems, essential for converting solar-generated energy into usable electricity. They transform direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), enabling the operation of household appliances. 

Just as the quality of solar panels matters, so does the quality of inverters, as their ability to convert energy depends on their design and performance. APS India, a leading solar solution manufacturer and service provider, offers an impressive range of solar inverters alongside highly efficient solar panel options for both residential and commercial settings. 

Warranty: 8 Years* 

Size:  1-110 KW  

Efficiency: 98.5% 

Connectivity: WiFi & GRPS 

APS stands out as a top choice for solar inverters in the Indian market, providing locally manufactured, premium-quality inverters for residential and commercial use. These inverters excel in integration, flexibility, and performance compared to others in the market. Renowned for their reliability and effectiveness, APS inverters come with warranties of up to 8 years and include Wi-Fi connectivity features. 

 Technical Features 

  • T-Type 3-Level topology, resulting compact design for Easy Installation, Monitoring & Transportation 
  • Wide MPPT & Grid Voltage range 
  • DC Overloading up to 50% resulting higher yields 
  • Wide LCD display 
  • Having 4-Layer PCD resulting cost effective for servicing compatible 

With an efficiency rating of 98.5%, APS inverters are trusted by the Indian market for their quality and durability. From single-phase to three-phase options, APS offers inverters ranging from 1 kW to 100 kW. 

Why Choose APS? 

– Over 10 years of industry experience 

– Installed over 10,000 residential rooftop systems 

– Certified premium solar manufacturer 

– Listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) 

For expert guidance, contact us at 1800 313 5052 or visit our website:  https://australianpremiumsolar.co.in/locally-manufactured-grid-inverters/  

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