Solar Water Pumps with PM Kusum Yojana at Australian Premium Solar

April 03, 2024

Near 45% of the workforce across India serves in the agriculture sector, where most spices and vegetables are produced. However, our agriculture sector heavily relies on rain for natural irrigation. Due to limitations in sufficient 24/7 electricity, farmers often resort to diesel-generated water pumps to irrigate their crops on time. Fossil fuels like diesel are expensive, putting economic pressure on farmers. Fortunately, companies like APS have evolved to provide solar water pumps to Indian farmers through initiatives like the PM KUSUM scheme. 

A solar water pump utilizes sunlight to convert heat into electricity using photovoltaic technology. These pumps enable farmers to break free from reliance on grid electricity and hefty bills, offering a more budget-friendly alternative. To support farmers in adopting solar-powered water pumps, the Government of India has launched the PM Kusum Yojana, providing significant financial assistance. 

APS offers both AC and DC ranges of solar water pumps in surface and submersible categories with up to 5 years of product warranty. With a track record of serving 4000 + customers across India, APS has established itself as a trustworthy and growing company in the solar manufacturing sector. Our products boast high efficiency and come with long-term warranties. It has also archived the MNRE Certification by Government of India.  Our goal is to continue serving more and more Indians with our top-notch solar services. 

How to Buy Solar Water Pumps? 

Call an APS expert at India Enquiry 1800 313 5052 

Ask these Questions: 

– How will a solar water pump benefit me? 

– What warranty do these pumps come with? 

– Why should I trust APS? 

– How can I get benefited from PM KUSUM Yojana? 

Then, purchase a solar water pump from one of India’s most trusted solar manufacturers APS.

Why APS? 

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