Types of Solar Panels: Which is the best Solar System for my home in India? 

March 28, 2024

Solar panels are not only an excellent way to reduce your electricity bill by 70-80%, but they also offer independence from grid electricity, which is especially crucial in areas of India prone to frequent power cuts. Whether for your home or commercial space, installing solar panels offers long-term financial and service benefits. 

However, with a multitude of solar panel installers in the market, choosing the right panel can be overwhelming. Customers need reliable advice, given the significant investment involved. 

India’s diverse weather patterns further complicate the decision. Luckily, experienced manufacturers like APS India can provide personalized consultancy to help you choose the best panel for your location. In this article, Australian Premium Solar (India) aims to guide you through selecting the perfect solar panel module for your Indian residence. 

Types of Solar Panels Popular in India: 

Monocrystalline Solar Panel: 

Known for their high efficiency due to a single crystal structure, monocrystalline panels are ideal for limited space areas, powering household appliances efficiently. Know More.

Bifacial Solar Panel: 

With the ability to generate power from both sides, bifacial panels are durable and sustainable. One side collects direct sunlight, while the other generates power from sunlight heat, offering increased energy generation. Learn More. 

TopCon Solar Panel: 

Utilizing TopCon technology, these panels boast a longer lifespan and ultra-high-power generation. APS provides them with a performance warranty of up to 30 years, featuring 12 busbar solar cells for impressive electricity generation even in low sunlight conditions. Click Here.

However, selecting the perfect type of solar panel for a residence or workplace can be a crucial decision. Call our agent to get the exact details about it now on India Enquiry 1800 313 5052 

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