Solar Energy for Commercial Buildings

December 29, 2020


Solar Energy is a plentiful, reliable and renewable energy source and is also the cleanest type of energy known to man since it is pollution free and contributes to the reduction of a country’s carbon emissions. Commercial buildings (offices and other business organizations) depends on electricity for most of their energy consumption needs and the consumption of power in an office building during the day time is much higher which makes them ideally suited to install solar panels and dozens of state and central tax rebate and credit opportunities are available for rooftop-solar systems for the ones interested in using solar energy in commercial buildings. Making the switch to generating power on-site from internally free source of energy – the sun can bring down the operating costs of the company for coming decades.

Offices and Businesses can use solar panels and solar thermal panels for a variety of uses including pre-heating ventilation air, water heating, solar cooling and lighting and electricity.

Installing rooftop solar panels to generate solar energy for your commercial building is a great way to show your shareholders and clients that your business cares about the environment and is taking initiative to make it a better place to live in. You can boost to your potential clients about your business minimizing its carbon footprints. There are many rewarding financial incentives from the state governments that can even reduce the installation cost of your solar power plant.

Solar system can be set up on commercial buildings for lighting, AC and other usage that canhelp the business move away from solely relying on grid electricity and thus reducing electricity bills.


Solar energy for commercial buildings is a clear choice as rooftop solar power can meet up to 20% of an office building’s electricity requirements in India. If you own a commercial building another factor to consider is the value of the building itself. A building with an in-built renewable energy source will become increasingly sought after. Using solar energy for commercial buildings can itself become an income-generating activity as the excess energy can be sold back to the grid giving you great returns on your investment.


Though there are some challenges associated with installation of solar panels as the costs involved with the equipment is high and requires large surface area to lay the panels. The proper functioning of these panels is hindered by a lot of other various such as environmental pollutants, cloudy and rainy days that blocks the sun’s rays and thus making it necessary to use battery charges to store energy in case of emergencies and other occasions.

These challenges are however negligible in front of the enormous advantages of using solar energy in commercial buildings that we have discussed and a lot of other additional benefits a business gets from getting itself associated with sustainability and going green.

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