What are the benefits of rooftop solar panels?

January 23, 2019

Renewable energy is becoming popular quite fast and there is a strong supporting reason behind it that is making both individuals and organizations choose it. The benefits, ease of usage, cost efficiency and positive impact on environment are known facts. India has recognized this long ago and is emerging as one of the leading countries with renewable sources of energy. The government has set a target to achieve 175 GW of renewable energy generation capacity by 2022. It has already 23 GW has already been achieved and 40 GW is in construction phase.

The main focus is on solar energy as the preferred renewable source because of the following benefits it brings along:

Cost Savings

The first thing that anyone would notice is the significant amount of savings that rooftop solar power plants provides. Whether you buy the complete solar plant or go for a pay per usage plan which is provided by ReNew Power, the cost of electricity drops down by a minimum of 17% and can go up to 30% too. If you wish to continue using grid power for main supply and solar as backup, the advanced systems reduce the grid consumption too leaving lesser units to pay for.

Better Access To Power

Gone are the days when the power cuts stopped our houses and offices from working. Inverters and power backups are giving all the support needed to work efficiently during power cut for hours. But, solar is changing the way power backup works. It is always there for you even when you are using grid power. And when the grid power is not available, the solar system gives continuous access to electricity throughout the day and backup of the battery amount charged at night.

Government Support

The government already plans to make India one of the leading renewable energy producer countries in the world. India currently stands at second position in producing renewable energy. So, the government to promote solar and other source is providing subsidies, rebates, incentives and many other profits to organizations and individuals who install solar plant. It is also providing easy finance and partial payment of procurement and installation of rooftop solar plants based on the eligibility.


Even though many people are not directly concerned about pollution being a major factor to drive people towards solar and other renewable sources, it is still a point to be noted as a concern. The environment is taking beating from us and it is now showing drastic reactions in the form of global warming and diseases cause from pollution. Switching to solar not only reduces your carbon footprint but also helps you contribute to the environment and make your life cleaner, healthier and fresh too.

Suitable Climate

India comes under the tropical country category. This means that sunlight in India falls for more than 320 days. This gives any user ample sunlight amount to derive enough energy to run their estate without any hassle. Also, India is at 13 degrees north of the equator making its geographical location quite favorable in terms of intensity of sunlight. The high intensity of sunlight allows people to draw more power from their rooftop solar plants in lesser time.

If you are thinking of getting rooftop solar plant installed at your estate, do not think twice and go ahead. It will not only benefit the environment but will help you gain enough savings over long-term. And, if you want to go for a service provider, then Australian premium solar is one of the most trusted solar company in India and has the highest operational capacity with multiple user oriented packages available to choose from.

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