The APS Story

Australian Premium Solar: The Journey

  • The story of Australian Premium Solar is a story of ambition & passion, and dedication. Initiated by a pool of NRI graduates with years of experience in the global solar industry, APS is currently one of Gujarat’s most trusted and preferred solar brand.  
  • With an aim to develop, produce, and deliver clean and renewable energy solutions to the world, the team launched Australian Premium Solar as a brand in 2008 in Brisbane. The team strived to deliver solar panel-based solutions for end users with a limited initial investment.  
  • Despite the inherent challenges within the solar market and the escalating competition in the sector, APS Australia made terrific strides within the industry, becoming a true success story for the founders. 
  • Our initial founders and team members identified the need for similar solutions in their native state of Gujarat and launched APS in India as the country’s initial indigenous solar panel manufacturing company. 
  • Collaborating with leading Certification Agencies along the way, APS India now offers its expertise for the Indian market and extends its unmatched support for the ‘Make In India’ initiative launched by the Government of India. Our founders returned to India with global experience in the solar sector and clean energy industry, promising to make India a true solar pioneer in the world.

Surviving the roadblocks through dedicated work

APS India entered the local solar industry at a stimulating time, especially as the Government of India continues to launch new projects for the renewable sectors. With numerous existing players competing for price and often relying extensively on imported solar products, parts, and components, APS India found its footing by backing the “Vocal for Local” initiative. 

Thanks to our decade-long experience in R&D, supply, installations, and project executions, we know what it takes to tackle the solar industry challenges in the Indian market.

Global Expertise, Experience towards emerging as a Global Leader in Integrated Energy Company
Achievements over the years

November 2013

Registered in India

December 2013

Started setting up of 40MW module production line in Kathwada, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

March 2014

Started production in India

June 2015

150 MW supplied in Jiangyin, Jingu Province and PR China

April 2016

Opened a Brand Office in New Delhi

January 2016

Opened a Brand Office in Bangalore

August 2016

Received Salt-Mist and Ammonia corrosion IEC certification

January 2017

Successfully completed rooftop solar plant at Samudra Township Mundra (For Adani Port & Special Economic Zone Ltd.)

March 2017

Increased Ahmedabad production line capacity to 50 MW

July 2018

Acquired 16000 sq. mt. premises at Majra, Tajpur, Gujarat to set up a new production line.

August 2018

Started retail division for residential rooftop in Gujarat

November 2018

Started setting up new assembly line at Majra premises

May 2019

100 MW production line operational at Majra premises.

August 2019

Added a new product to our range – “APS solar water pump”

March 2021

Registered in “approved list of modules and manufacturers” published by government of India

August 2021

Expanded the production capacity to 200 MW at Majra unit

January 2022

Became Gujarat’s most trusted and preferred residential rooftop solar company

March 2022

Received environmental testing IEC Certification
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